Our team has expertise in the delivery of research, program implementation, and educational initiatives for first responder injury prevention and wellness. For more information, please contact us at: phone 1 (858) 391-8430; or email admin@usssf.com

First Responder Initiatives

In addition to clinical research, the Foundation’s team has a successful track record of working with the fire service to develop and implement evidence-based and pragmatic firefighter wellness-fitness programs, based on the IAFF-IAFC Wellness-Fitness Initiative guidelines and the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program. The Foundation’s team has regional and nationwide fire service stakeholder engagement.


The Foundation’s team is equipped with the expertise and resources to improve the wellness and fitness of firefighters through a wide range of services, such as:

– Coordinate purchase of fitness equipment for fire stations.

– Provide advanced training on use of fitness equipment.

– Coordinate Peer Fitness Trainer certification program.

– Provide advanced training for Peer Fitness Trainers that is required to implement a successful wellness-fitness program, above the initial certification.

– Collect and analyze outcomes data on clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

– Coordinate other aspects of a WFI-based program, such as periodic medical and fitness evaluations, and identification and delivery of interventions based on findings of the periodic evaluations.

– Assist with grant writing for expansion of interventions for wellness-fitness programs beyond that supported by AFG, such as FEMA’s Fire Prevention & Safety grants.

Our team has a thorough past performance record of developing and conducting fire prevention and safety projects from research through successful implementation.

Dissemination and Implementation

Our first responder dissemination and implementation efforts for research, health programs, development, and educational outreach are highlighted here: