Manuscript published by Foundation team: Mayer JM, Lane CL, Brady O, Chen H, Lu Y, Johnson BVB, Dagenais S. Comparison of supervised and telehealth delivery of worksite exercise for prevention of low back pain in firefighters: a cluster randomized trial. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2020 Aug 10.

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Objective: This study assessed worksite exercise delivered by on-site supervision (supervised) or telehealth to reduce lost work time (LWT) related to low back pain (LBP) in firefighters. Methods: A cluster randomized controlled trial assigned 264 career firefighters to supervised (n = 86) or telehealth (n = 95) back and core exercises 2X/week for 12 months, or control (n = 83). Results: 58.0% (153/264) of participants reported LBP and 7.6% (20/264) reported LWT related to LBP (control n = 10, supervised n = 5, telehealth n = 5). Participants in the control group experienced 1.15 times as many hours of LWT as the supervised group, and 5.51 times as many hours of LWT as the telehealth group. Conclusions: Worksite exercise, delivered by on-site supervision or telehealth, can reduce LWT related to LBP in career firefighters.

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